Biography of Doctor Gene Gehrau

  • Dr.Gene Gehrau, American Chiropractor from California, was born in Germany. At age 7 he emigrated to the United States with his family.
  • In 1978, he completed his studies for the internationally recognized degree as doctor of chiropractic from the University of Pasadena, College of Chiropractic. Additionally, he received a bachelor of science degree in human nutrition from the California State University Los Angeles. In 1979 he opened his orthopedic/chiropractic practice in San Rafael, California until 2001.
  • In 2002, Doctor Gehrau returned to Germany with his wife Dagmar and their three young children. Passing the written and oral examinations, he was given permission to open a practice under the laws that govern heilpraktikers.
  • He is one of only fifty chiropractors in Germany and has his office in Duesseldorf, Germany.